spammers and scammers and script kiddies, oh my….

So, I just did the math…and my spam to “real” email ratio is up to 98%. That’s right…98% of what I get in my inbox is spam. How absurd is this? Hundreds and hundreds of spam a day. Now, I know part of that is because of vindictive ex-friends who signed me up for porn lists and whatnot. (Apparently…they aren’t tech savvy enough to know that IP addresses are recorded when they do it…dummies.) And part of it is that I’ve had the same email address since 1995…but damn, I’m tired of 300 “friendly farm girl” emails. Thank gods for MailWasher, so I can eliminate most of it at the server side, without having to actually download it…but still, it’s an awful lot of headers to go through.

The other thing I’m seeing a huge increase in, is virii. I’m getting probably 10 a day…well, not getting…but seeing about 10 a day. Anyone else see a spike in virus email lately? The message weight is usually around 40k, and it always has a message that extorts the reader to open the attachment? I mean, who opens attachments from people they don’t know? You’d think that form of social engineering would have stopped working years ago. I guess I continue to overestimate the intelligence of the non-digerati who play in the techno world.

And for some unknown reason, some strange person in Italy keeps trying to attack my machine with a denial of service attack…but it’s just him, all by himself…so the poor little thing is just terribly confused, I think.

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