Cassandra or Tin Foil hat?

So…I was chatting via email with one of my friends about Ralph Nader’s contention that the draft is about to begin…and as I typed out my response to him, I thought…”Hey! I’ll share this with people who can tell me why I’m nuts!” So, here is my response to the Ralph Nader theory about the new draft:

See, I’m hearing the same thing from sources inside socom…who for obvious reasons can’t be identified. But my socom sources believe that it won’t be a draft like the Vietnam draft…it’ll be geeks and other people whose jobs have been outsourced.

Which leads me to wonder if the whole outsourcing thing hasn’t been a big conspiracy…create a bubble…convince scores and scores of people to pay for their own high tech education…then remove the jobs…thereby creating a labor force that gets more and more desperate…then, draft those same geeks to run the military IT. Bring them in at officer grade and pay scale so they don’t automatically bolt for the borders, and poof…you’ve got a bunch of 30 somethings who are grateful to be at the controls of something with at least a 4 year job guarantee…and you free up all the kids who had been doing the IT work to go be grunts in the field.

Or, ya know…I might just need to go get my tinfoil beanie checked for leakage…it’s hard to tell these days.

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