Take your kool-aid and choke on it, you bastard!

So, I just sent in my resignation letter to the Democratic Party. I will not be a chairperson, I will not go to the convention, I want nothing to do with the Kerry campaign. He and the other Yalie can fight it out in a cage death match for all I care. A pox on both their houses! Why, you may ask? Well, check out Kerry’s video clip on msnbc The transcript of the entire interview can be seen here.

He says that if he becomes president, he’ll continue Bush’s break with tradition, the UN and world opinion. I cannot, and will not support Kerry anymore. We’ve become a nation I’m ashamed of, if these two are the best the country has to offer in the way of leadership.

Fuck Kerry. Fuck Bush. Fuck Sharon. Fuck em all. Roll the dice, it doesn’t matter which of the assholes win, they’re the same damn guy in different colored suits.

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