So, I spent almost all day in the emergency room today…all for them to tell me what I told them when I went in…I severely sprained my back and I was having muscle spasms. For this, they went to medical school? Honestly. Seriously, I was there long enough that I almost completely finished a book I started when I walked in. Granted, it wasn’t war and peace, but it’s a solid 300 page or so book. And the doctor, when I finally tracked down this elusive creature and pinned him to a wall, couldn’t have been old enough to have pubic hair…I swear to you, he was 12. 13 at the outside.

So, after 4 hours, I got a prescription for 20 pills…which don’t seem to be working at all. Sigh. On the upside, my insurance doesn’t have a copay for ER visits, so that’s nice. And it’s not like I wanted to go to the ER…I paged my doctor, told his service the problem, and his response was, and I quote “Tell her to go to the ER.” Sheesh. And this is after I’ve helped put his kids through Harvard with all the money I’ve given him over the years. Now, if I can can just figure out what drug will actually stop my back from twitching…and find a doctor who will write me a prescription for it, my life would be good. In the mean time, I have to go find a pharmacology resource and see if I can take xanax and skelaxin at the same time without pulling a Karen Ann Quinley.

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