Monthly Archives: May 2004

Eeek! Prepare to be boarded ya scurvy black wearing infidels!

The inlaws are coming, the inlaws are coming! Head for the hills! Ok, it’s not that bad…the house is clean (well…mostly), the boy is napping, the tenderloin is marinating, and I am bone weary from 3 days of insane activity to make all the above happen. They’re staying for the weekend…in a hotel…(yay)…but it means […]


OMG…a funny political ad that will never get run…but damn, it should. (mpg file)

Babies and the Tentacles of Doooooom

Back when the Boy was born, one of my oldest and dearest friends sent a stuffed Cthulhu as a baby present. Which I loved and the boy loved to chew upon. Then for a while he kind of ignored it, in favor of chewing on a tiger. But he still carried it around periodically…and recently […]

Die Duckomenta

Perhaps it is only my RL friends that know of my particular fondness for ducks. In particular, rubber duckies. I love rubber duckies. I have many, many, many rubber duckies. In fact, way back in the 90’s, a bunch of us started a religion based on rubber duckies…The Aquatic Temple of the Ducki Lama. (Praise […]

Unitarians? You’re not a religion…you’re a bunch of loons…says the Texas Comptroller

Unitarian group denied tax status – By R.A. Dyer –Star-Telegram Staff Writer AUSTIN – Unitarian Universalists have for decades presided over births, marriages and memorials. The church operates in every state, with more than 5,000 members in Texas alone. But according to the office of Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, a Denison Unitarian church isn’t […]