Happy, Happy Bday!

Today is ‘s bday. Why should you care, you may ask. Well, I’ll tell ya…besides being my best friend for almost 2 decades now, she’s brilliantly funny, intelligent, well read, fun to be around, she’s quite pleasant on the eyes, and she makes a mean fudge and an even meaner margarita. Plus, she once stopped me from killing myself. And she once took a loaded gun and a set of car keys away from a very drunk girl (also me) and stopped me from killing some other people. (Which, while granted, was the right thing to do…I still regret not getting a potshot at the two I was gunning for….but I’d look really awful in prison orange and jumpsuits are *so* 1973…so I’m glad she stopped me.) Also, she’s one of the only people in the world that offers a challenging game of scrabble and although she kicks my ass in backgammon…I think I might could take her in chess, but only because I’ve practiced. ;)

Anyway..All Hail Deb…from whom much goodness flows.

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