Goodnight sweet Kate…

Autie Kate 03/16/58 – 06/06/2004

For those of you in the comix industry, or for those of you who spent a lot of time at conventions in the late 80’s and 90’s…you probably all remember a fiery ball of fun that many of us refered to as “Auntie Kate”. She was Kate Worley, writer of Omaha the Cat Dancer. She and Reed Waller published Omaha through Kitchen Sink Press from 1986 to the final issue in June of 1994. She and Reed had come together earlier this year to reprise and restart the comic, but three days ago, Kate passed away after battling lung cancer that went systemic. She leaves behind her husband Jim Vance, their two young children and Jim’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Jim Vance, 323 S Yorktown, Tulsa OK, 74104

I loved Kate back in the day, when I still published comics and did the con circuit. The trouble she and I caused at hotels all over this country is nigh onto legendary. And for the record, I’d just like to say that the rumor about us forcing 30 con geeks to strip naked and wrestle for our amusement was not true. (We couldn’t have fit 30 of them into the room…)

She could party like the big dogs, I tell you what. There were many a night when she and I would tuck the rest of the publishers, writers and artists in, and head downstairs to quietly cackle over a bottle. And she could write…dear lord, that woman could write. She could make a monk look for some relief…her grasp of adult fiction was unmatched. Her comic paved the way for comics like mine, and many others who came after us.

It sucks that she’s gone…and tonight I raise a bottle and toast the memories, and regret the years that I didn’t stay in touch…because I suck for letting her slip away without a goodbye.

Good night, sweet Kate…and may your path to the river styx be lit by the brightened lives of those you touched.

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