Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

If true, y’all must be in paroxysms of wanton lustfulness….cause, I have been absent for quite a while it seems. Allow me to play catch-up, but behind tags so I don’t bore you into forgetting how much you love me. ;)

Stuff about the boy

The boy is growing like a weed…and has developed a little burst of speed that can make catching him a challenge. Especially when he’s naked and wet. Somehow…naked and wet add about 10mph to a boy’s sprinting speed.

He’s really been a hoot lately…and we’re getting our first taste of the terrible twos (at 18 months…I’m dreading the “real” thing if this isn’t it). When he’s not throwing things and performing the worlds most extraordinary temper tantrum, he’s been amazingly good fun. He’s been doing this thing where when you ask him where something is, he raises both palms up and holds them out to his sides and makes a little sound that sounds just like “I dunno”. Hysterical. We’ve been having much fun going up to the pool, and sitting in the kiddie pool in the backyard when Mommy just can’t work up the energy to deal with the Stepford Wives.

He’s developing an amazing sense of autonomy. He has a very firm grasp on the sense of “self”, it’s just amazing to watch the self-discovery process happening. He’s trying to potty-train himself now…which is really great…and amusing in a “you may have to be a parent to get that” kind of way. We’re not pressuring him at all, but goodness, I’d be thrilled if we can get this out of the way early and with no trauma to anyone. ;)

He’s getting the last four teeth in, I think. Poor little guy is not happy about it. But all things considered, things are going very well. Still no plans to sell him to the gypsies. (Although, if he keeps picking up vixens in bikinis at the pool, I may have to send him to military school to keep him out of trouble.)

Politics…oh dear lord. I have been astounded by the sheer volume of sycophantic panting at the Leninesque display of the Great Teflon Leader. I wasn’t old enough to have registered LBJ’s funeral…and I think when Tricky Dick died, they just sort of snuck him into the ground when nobody was looking…at the very least, I don’t remember this sort of spectacle being generated. Did everyone forget that Reagan was an ass? I mean…catchup as a vegetable for poor kids…huge vast increases in military spending and massive cuts in societal spending…tax cuts for the rich…laws to allow corporations to not pay taxes but still retain the rights of individuals…Iran-Contra…Saddam Hussein…Afghanistan….any of it ringing bells?

Not for the American media, who have bent over backwards to fuck themselves with the “We Love Ronnie” dildo.

Gods forbid that George the First die anytime in the next decade or so…the sympathy votes alone would put another one of his spawn in office. You think George is scary…wait ’till it’s Jeb’s turn. Or gods forbid…Neil. (Hep me, Jebuz!) Mark Fiore has a great riff on Bush2 trying to pretend he’s an heir to Reagan.

Speaking of GeorgiePorgiePressiePie, the White House acknowledged that President Bush is talking with, and considering hiring, a non-government attorney, James E. Sharp. Sharp is being consulted, and may be retained, regarding the current grand jury investigation of the leak revealing the identity of Valerie Plame as a CIA covert operative.

Also leaked from the White House: President George W. Bush’s increasingly erratic behavior and wide mood swings has the halls of the West Wing buzzing lately as aides privately express growing concern over their leader’s state of mind. In meetings with top aides and administration officials, the President goes from quoting the Bible in one breath to obscene tantrums against the media, Democrats and others that he classifies as “enemies of the state.” (And the capitol hill guys are pretty damn right-wing, and fairly well respected…I’m willing to bet this story has legs.)

Ah, Ashcroft…kill yourself. Really. Please. Oh…and shoot Wolfowitz first. Do us all a favor. For once.

George Tenet – Fall guy, or run up to a coup? And as funny as I think the spooks taking revenge might be…I sure don’t want to end up with this guy…who is next in line after Cheney. This is the chicken-hawk who told McCain to stop whining about the Iraqi torture pictures. Note that McCain actually has experience with torture, having spent some time in a VietCong tiger cage, doncha know. Whereas Hasert has experience with knife and fork…so, that’s nice.

Sundry other stuff:

Letters to DearWinifred have been trickling off…I need to think of some way to promote it.

I’m having people for dinner this weekend, and I need to find my recipe for pesto bread, as my basil plants are huge…jurassic levels of huge. (Rather, I’m having people over for dinner…not serving Filet o’ James or Cutlet of Scott. Besides, my friends are probably too gamy for grokking.)

I am having the hugest chocolate craving, at totally the wrong time of month. Damn my estrogenical lunar tyranny.

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