mmmm, weekend goodness

Oh, I had the most wonderful dinner party tonight. Everyone brought their baby…albeit that some babies were feathery and not at all happy about my geriatric cat population.

I tested out two of the breads I’m considering entering in the state fair. The pesto bread tasted incredibly good…but was *so* the wrong texture. I dunno if it was the humidity, or if my yeast is too old, or what…but it was way, way too dense for what I was shooting for. I’m guessing that I need much more practice. Who’s near Dallas that has a burning desire to eat my expirements? ;)

The Phoenecian chocolate bread recipe…fan..fucking…tastic. OMG, so good. It is unreal. I served it with a marscapone/cream cheese/ folded giaradellii spread…gone faster than I could blink. So good. So very, very good. So, I think I’ve moved that recipe from firestone to oven successfully…I think I’m going to enter it in the “specialty breads” contest. (What the obsession is with fair ribbons…I dunno.

Speaking of hobbies…I did a showing of my soaps to a local spa owner and she went insane about them. Asked if I could do massage oils, wanted bath salts, baskets and all kinds of things that were a year down my projected list…so…YAY! Here’s what I think I’m going to do. (Unless, of course, my memetics, linguistics and marketing buddies tell me that it’s an insane idea.)

So…I think I’m going to go with DDR Botanicals as the parent company. The other lines that we’ve discussed will be product brands…but not the primary brand. The primary brand, I think, lends an air of “lab coat meets hippy”…which is really what I’m shooting for…since I am a 2nd generation hippy…in a lab coat. ;)

As a tag line I’m thinking “Where beauty meets wellness” because all our our product will be natural, organic when possible and cosmetics will adhere to the ayurvedic standards…or will likely not be produced. All assumed medicinal properties of our herbs and essential oils will be listed. I like the name. It’s not flashy…or fun…but it’s a good parent company name. And it means I can have fun with the product line names….which I’m fantastico at doing. ;)

I want everyone who took part in the previous “focus group” polls to send me your snail mail addresses…but…and again…big but…you must tell me what scents you prefer (or “don’t care…manly” or “don’t care…girly”)…and you must list your allergies…if any. Each of you will receive a goody. :) (It may take a few weeks…especially if you request something really weird…but still, eventually…something blocky will show up. Hey…it’s free…whaddyou care how long it takes to get there. ;)

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