I am in the middle of “shit covered screaming monkeys…the home game”, I swear to god.

But rather than dwelling on things that make me want to sell the child to gypsies…I shall focus on the good things. He’s trying to learn how to swim. He loves the water. Personally, I wish he were a little bit afraid of it. He goes wandering into the deep end with zero fear…doesn’t seem all that frightened when I have to pluck him back out.

We drew the summer’s first blood on the solstice yesterday. Not on purpose mind you. He tripped in the shallow end of the kiddie pool and face planted on the bottom. Skinned his little chin and the inside of his lips where his teeth hit. I think it scared me more than him. He was upset for a minute or two while I snuggled him and examined for damage, and then he took his ball and went back to playing with the other kids in the pool. I just know he’s going to take up the skateboard. ;)

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