Monthly Archives: July 2004

DNC Watching

So, I’m watching (sort of) Kerry’s speech. Mostly listening and periodically looking over. Anyway, just looked over in time for the camera to pan across a group of my friends. Heh. Hiya gang! The speech is going better than I’d expected. But then, I like it when my politicians lie and pretend to be populists. […]

From MetaFilter (newsfilter)

Earlier this month, internal white house rumors were leaked saying that ideally, it’d be great to find an Al Queda suspect during the week of the Democratic National Convention, since the Democrats would likely be grabbing headlines. Sounds like some crass opportunism instead of truly protecting the republic from terrorists, doesn’t it? Well, what do […]

Cleavage Treasure

The boy has discovered the joy of stuffing things down the front of my shirt, then doing the “Where is it?” sign and sound. It’s pretty funny when it’s things like stuffed animals…although I worry about what’s going to happen if he decides to mount an expedition for lost toys while we’re in public. However, […]


Boy, I tell ya, there aren’t many times when I wished that I lived near our parents…but today is one of them. I really wish that we had family close enough that someone could come play with Tommy while I fought this virus. I’ve a viciously high fever, ooky stuff in my lungs and generally […]

Oh, woe is me…

I’m sick. I seem to have caught a much more severe version of whatever the boy had this week. Verily and truly I say unto thee…”I Want My Mommy!” Mere mortals would have already shuffled off the mortal coil…it’s sheer strength of will keeping me alive. That and hot tea. I’m serious, I could die […]