Mmmmm, I made the yummiest batch of soap this weekend. I used olive, coconut and palm oils as the base…mmm, smooth and sudsy. I fragranced it with lemongrass, white grapefruit, and lime essential oils. The fragrance is so subtle, but quite refreshing. Very man-friendly, unlike many of the floral notes usually found in soaps. I cut the bars last night and set them on racks in a drying box. I keep opening the box, sniffing really deeply, and shutting the box again. :) I’m very happy with the recipe I’ve created.

The only thing that made me less than happy was that the color didn’t work…the green is practically disappearing as the soap dries. And the marbling effect I tried didn’t work very well. So, aesthetically, it’s not exactly what I was shooting for…but texture and scent are dead on. So, I’ll count it as a win.

Yay! Another point for our side! ;-)

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