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The Pentagon has announced that the payroll records for National Guard service for three months between 1972 and 1973 have been accidentally destroyed. These three months coincidentally cover the disputed period of George W. Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard.

Reports are saying that the records were destroyed years ago, and they forgot to notify anyone at that or any subsequent time, and strangely enough, the microfilm did exist just three weeks ago, according to the people who were dealing with the AP: Associated Press Assistant General Counsel Dave Tomlin told me yesterday that AP reporters began trying to get the documents back in February, but hit roadblock after roadblock. Tomlin said the AP has been informed that the microfilm in question does indeed exist. Tomlin said that because paper records can vanish and be tampered with, the microfilm “would erase any questions.”

But you know what got the most news coverage? The fact that the Office of Homeland Security raised the freakout flag from “crossing guard orange” to “spooky faces of Osama” orange. Not that there’s really any reason for the change mind you…but it did distract everyone from the little story about collusion at the highest levels of the government. I love how they’re willing to trot out Osama to distract everyone…but weren’t really willing to go…I dunno…CATCH HIM. But we got Saddam, so that’s nice. Personally, I bet we’ve got Osama too.

Picture this…It’s time for Bush’s party loyalty speech. His own little New York Nuremberg. The air is thick with the vapors of sweating evangelists caught in the throes of political ecstasy. The spotlights come on. The Fearless Leader smirks out to the throng. Raising his arms to a Jesus Christ pose, he looks upward. Most of the spotlights follow his line of vision. Heavenward, something glitters and shakes as it’s being lowered towards the floor. Bush starts working the crowd into a panting lather of hatred towards all things strange and scary. The box becomes fully lit…and it’s OSAMA, shackled to bars like a drunk cage dancer.

I’ll lay money down on the bet that we “find” Osama or one of the big henchmen during the week of the Democratic convention, so as to steal their thunder…or he mysteriously turns up to be thrown to the crowd during the Republican convention.

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