Latest experiment *cue mad scientist thunder*

So, the ingredients are achieving optimal temperature for me to mix the latest batch of soap. This one is a fairly complex one (aroma-wise) and I’m hoping it works.

I’m using coffee as my base liquid, because coffee is one of the most amazing natural deodorizer in the world. So, coffee base…with finely chopped coffee beans mixed in as helpful scrubbies. Then, I’m going to swirl it with a sweet almond oil, cinnamon and vanilla essential oils and melted dark cocoa mixture.

I’m still kinda debating whether or not to use the actual ground coffee beans. I think it would add interesting texture, but I fear that it could be too rough. I may have to pull off a little bit and try an experiment with just a bar or so worth rather than chancing an entire 6-7 pound batch. Hmmm…

Anyway, the ultimate result, should it work like I believe it will, should be a caramel colored soap with a dark chocolate swirl, and should smell like cinnamon rolls and Swiss coffee. I’m thinking of calling it “Sunday Morning”

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