U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack

Now, some of y’all will remember that back in September of 2001, I predicted that the Bush regime would try to find a way to stop the general election from happening…and now we have the “official delay plan”…you know, just in case. Stay tuned for the draft I predicted back when we went to go smack some Taliban around for the cameras. Y’all remember the Taliban? I know, they’re easy to forget, what with them and Osama hardly getting any war action…you’d almost think we don’t want to stop al Qaeda…no?

Now, if they’d said…”Ya know, things are looking rocky this fall, we want to move the election schedule up, so as to assure that the process cannot be abridged.”, that would be different. I would be totally cool with us moving the elections up…but the suspension of elections, not so much. That should be a states rights thing. Even if, gods forbid, there were another event on the scale of 9/11, that doesn’t impact the ability of everyone in non-involved states to vote.

As to the impacted state/states, here’s my thinking…someone who knows more about election law will probably correct me…but, at the time the Constitution was written, there was no such thing as instant communication. It must have taken weeks, or even months for votes to be tallied and the electoral selections made. Ergo, that same amount of time must still exist now. Thus, a state could, if necessary, delay their elections for a period of X time, and still be able to contribute polling data before the electoral college. (Don’t even get me started on the whole electoral college thing…)

So, it seems to me that no reason for a federal level ability to suspend elections exists. This is a spooky attempt to gain control of the voting process…as though owning the machines wasn’t enough.

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