A shout out and latest batches

So, I made a goat’s milk rose soap today. OMG, it smells *so* good. I put some in a tiny little mold and added dried rose petals from my garden. The rose petals turned green. I mean, it’s a really cool green, but damned if I know why they turned green. I’m glad I didn’t put them in the big batch. :) Must go find someone who paid attention in botany or chemistry who can explain why the petals turned aquamarine green. The violet lavender batch is unmolded, but still soft, I’ve left it wrapped, can’t decide if I should cut it now, or let it get harder. The fragrance is simply extraordinary. I think I’m just have a floral week. The coffee rebatch is still liquid in the mold. I think I added way too much milk…I may just package this batch in cute little coffee jars as liquid soap. ;) I despise doing rebatches. It’s such guesswork.

I never got around to blogging about this, but last week, I met up with at his house to watch him make some incredibly yummy smelling soap. He’s been like a mentor, telling me about local suppliers and letting me open every essential oil in the house to sniff it. (And trust me, that alone was a herculean task…good god, the man has essential oils like you wouldn’t believe.) He’s been a font of knowledge and patience. So, just a shout out to the oaken king for being such a groovy damn guy. :)

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