The Yes Men need a bus…yes they do…

From my buddies “The Yes Men”, who are best known for having impersonated the WTO on TV and at business conferences around the world (see

Now, we want to use what we’ve learned in order to help the Bush campaign show its true colors. We know exactly how we want to do this, but we’re missing one thing: a tour bus. (A major RV or other official-looking big vehicle could work too.)

Do you or a North American friend have such a thing?

We don’t want to spill the beans on our plans–suffice it to say we’ll be making Bush honest. Also, we’ll register lots of Democrat voters along the way (Music for America is coming along). We’ll upload video stuff to the internet for a month–September–and after that we’ll turn the result into a movie or shorter piece for TV. Along the way we hope also to generate news stories about our antics and, therefore, the issues.

We’ll take care of disguising the vehicle appropriately, and restoring it to its original state when we’re done. You (and your parents, if the bus or RV is theirs) will get tons of credit. And of course you (and/or they) can come along for the ride, if you like!

If you (or a North American friend) have an unused tour bus, or a big RV used only in winter, and want to help us do what we can to make sure the monster in the White House doesn’t steal another election, let us know! And if you know of any benefactors interested in investing in our tour, that’s great too!

Barrelling as best we can towards a better future,
The Yes Men

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