I call Shenanigans!

Did you know that lumber isn’t as advertised? For instance, a 1×4 is neither 1″ or 4″? How fucked up is that? And it’s true of every bit of lumber in the lumberyard. The thickness will always be short by .25 to .5 of an inch…and the width will always be short by .5 to .75 of an inch.

How can that be legal? How can every lumberyard in the freaking country be selling wood that isn’t the wood they’re supposed to be selling? What is the damn logic here in saying that something is a 1×4, when in fact, it is a .75×3.5?

I’m this aggravated because I really needed specific sized lumber, and I don’t feel like spending extra money to buy the next size up and then have to cut it down, thereby wasting huge amounts of lumber and time. It’s insane. Imagine, if you will, going in to a diner, and ordering a bit of pie and coffee and the waitress brings it, sits it down, takes a big ol’ bite of your pie and a big ol drink of your coffee and then says “There ya go, hon!” and wanders off.

Wouldn’t you be annoyed? Wouldn’t you want a full sized piece of pie and a full cup of coffee? Why on earth should I pay for 1 x 4 piece of lumber that is indeed missing a bite out of each measurement?

GRRRRR! (I really needed a 1 x 12…and the next size up is 16″ across and 10 feet long and that’s like a hundred dollar piece of lumber…when all I need is a square foot of lumber that is one inch thick. Just freaking grrr.

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