mmmmm, inky black goodness

A black theme:

I just made some Turkish coffee so black and so smooth that it should be signed by Motown. It’s good stuff. You may want to get yourself a cup of something, and settle in to read this 44 page comic about a man trapped in a phone booth, surrounded by concrete…and how he finds an escape. Brilliant stuff. Speaking of things that are black and fun, I’m reading John Shirley’s Black Butterflies. Twisted, twisted, twisted. But good. Very good. But very twisted.

While on the topic of twisted, have you heard William Shatner’s cover of “Common People” by Pulp? Ben Folds and Joe Jackson jam along. I can’t wait to hear the song that Bill and Henry Rollins (who is not gay) recorded.

But I hear you out there, and you’re saying “Oh! Could there be anything more exhilarating that Bill Shatner? Could I have more fun with aging celebrities?” Well…now you can! Imagine this, 7 glorious days and night aboard a luxurious cruise ship…with not one, not two…but THREE…yes, you heard me, three 80’s hair bands! (Although, the mullets are looking a little thin these days, to be truthful.) It’s true! You too could go to the high seas with REO, Styx and Journey. Could be worse…could be Cinderella, Ratt, and White Snake.

And if just the thought of all that is enough to drive you to drink, be sure to brush up on your Bar Talk. You wouldn’t want to be that chimp in space guy, all cheap date genes all about the place, ending up tile faced, but still Jasoning. (I’m so totally a hep cat, no? ;)

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