Boy, I tell ya, there aren’t many times when I wished that I lived near our parents…but today is one of them. I really wish that we had family close enough that someone could come play with Tommy while I fought this virus. I’ve a viciously high fever, ooky stuff in my lungs and generally feel all over terrible. I want my mommy. It’s hard to be the mommy when you just want to crawl under the covers and hide. The baby is being so sweet, he keeps bringing me one tissue at a time, and offering me his water, his milk and his french toast. He’s such a good boy. :) And poor big Tom, on top of needing to go into dental surgery tomorrow, is also catching whatever virus of doom I have…and still managed to get himself out the door to go to work. Poor guy, he’s a trouper…although, to be fair, I’m such a horrid sick person, that it may be more pleasant to go to work ill than to deal with me… heh.

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