I’m so excited. is coming down today for the weekend…and bringing that georgeous baby girl of hers to play with the boy. I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman…for parents get upset when their toddlers are beset by giant killer dust bunnies of doom. The house looks incredible…I still need to finish vacuming the rugs and the furniture and clean the ring around the big tub and I’m done. I’ve got sheets, towels and blankets in the dryer so she and the baby have bedclothes that are relatively cat-free. (Relative being the keyword in a house full of feline…)

I’m making cookies this afternoon, a roast chicken with herbs from my garden for dinner, and tomorrow…Lasagna of Dooooooom for the “welcome to the burbs” party. :) I’m going to see if she wants to help me make a batch of orange vanilla soap tonight.

Oh…speaking of soap…some of the stuff I was going to ship isn’t quite ready. The Ph is a little high still (just 1.5 points higher than I want it to be though)…but, by the time the post office drops off all my shipping materials next week, it should be ready to go. Sorry about the delay…I need to build a much longer wait time into my inventory schedule. My mistake. Ah well, life is about learning, no?

Of course, I still don’t have a name for the damn company. I’m tempted to go with Nameless. ;) (I really loved PhatGoddess…but everyone else seems to hate it…)

And now, while the boy is napping, I’m off to scrub the tub. I’m just so happy Tiff is coming!


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