weekend review

So Tiff and her gorgeous daughter came to visit. Anjolie was born within a couple of days of Tommy, so they had a blast playing together all weekend. Much time was spent in the pool, and chasing the poor dog. There were some sharing issues, but I think that’s just because they’re both only 20 months old. You would be astounded at how verbal JoJo is…she cracked everyone at the dinner party up with her little sayings. When things aren’t going as she wishes them to go, she either says “Oh, No!” or “Oh dear.” When she sees Tommy she says “Oh boy!” Hysterical. :)

I got some great pics of the kids together and once I can find the battery charger for my camera, I’ll get them posted. Poor Tiff headed out last night to go home, got about 50 miles outside of Dallas and her tire exploded. Being as this is Texas, a big guy in a big truck stopped and changed her tire, and she headed back here for the night, rather than chancing driving all the way to Fort Sills on a doughnut tire. She’s off getting the tires replaced right now.

I’m quite proud of myself in that I got both kids fed, cleaned and down for a nap. I thought getting one down was tricky…two…that more difficult than getting a good healthcare plan through Congress. :) And now, since they are actually asleep, I’m going to try to sneak past their room and go get some coffee. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I’m looking forward to catching up everyone’s journal this evening. :)

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