Whoo Hoo!

A king’s ransom in Essential Oils has arrived! Let the playing begin! It almost makes up for the throbbing pain in my head from the cruel and evil dentist man. (That sadistic, no drugs giving, bastard.)

So, I think this afternoon, I’ll be making Mimosa Bath Ticklers, and this evening, I’m going to start work on the PMS line of products, and am making a ylang ylang, bergamot, geranium soap. Yum! I just can’t decide what color/s it should be. Maybe various shades of purple? Or give up on any pretense of subtlety and go for Rage Red? ;)

I can’t wait to build my light tent and take pics of some of these…they’re turning out so beautifully…I should have great shots for the marketing materials. :) Yay!

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