One of our neighbors was murdered last night.

She was a teenager. Killed by a boy to whom she’d sold her car but she carried the loan because she knew him. The boy hadn’t been repaying the loan and she told the boy to return the car or repay the money. According to the news and police reports, he kidnapped her and one of the other kids in the neighborhood at gunpoint on Sunday and threatened to kill them if she didn’t just give up the idea of getting her car or the loan repaid. She agreed to let him just keep the car if he would let them go. She reported the incident to the police. Then last night at around midnight, he kicked in her door, chased her through her house and shot her in the head. Her parents ran out of the house and to the neighbors to call 911 when he broke in. (Which frankly, makes no damn sense to me.)

I mean, maybe it’s because I’m armed. And because I *would* shoot someone, especially someone who had kidnapped my daughter and was now kicking in the door of my house. I have bullets that will go through that 2 inch door. Guaran-goddamn-tee you that it would have been one dead boy on my doorstep and not one dead daughter in the bathroom.

And…if your daughter had been kidnapped at gunpoint by a lunatic who still hadn’t been caught…don’t you think that you’d get her out of the freaking area? I mean, this is not a poor neighborhood. This is a 2-3 car per house, white collar, stepford wife neighborhood. If they live here, they’ve got the resources to get out of here. You can be in Lousiana in a few hours. You could be in Oklahoma in a couple of hours. Hell, you could be drinking a beer on 6th street in Austin in under 3 hours. And those are just the options by car. There are 2 major and 3 minor airports in this area. And a train. And fucking hot air balloons…getting out isn’t that hard. Why the fuck would you stay in the house if the guy hasn’t been caught? I mean…WHAT THE FUCK?!

The whole thing is just tragic. And I had to kind of vent my “What. The. Fuck?” rant before dealing with any of the neighbors…

Although, now that I come to type the whole story down, coalesing it from various new services…it sure doesn’t make a whole lotta sense, does it? So many things in this story just don’t compute. Like, why would you stay somewhere if you’d been kidnapped and the guy was still on the loose? Why would you underwrite a loan to someone? (I mean, I guess you could be young enough not to realize that you should never loan your friends large sums of money without recognizing that you may either lose the money or the friendship because of it.) Why would you leave the house to call 911 if someone is chasing your daughter through the house?

It just does not compute. It’s still tragic. I didn’t really know Veronica except to wave at her when she walked her dog. She seemed like a sweet enough kid the few times we exchanged pleasantries. It’s just wrong that she’s not here, and the asshole who killed her is running around armed and nuts somewhere.

Update: The guy has been captured.

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