e-Jihad Begins Thursday, Internet Predicted to Melt Down by Mid-day

“You should probably starting backing up that gig of gmail to local storage,according to a Russian news site. Kaspersky Labs states that terrorists will launch attacks which will paralyze the Internet this Thursday. This tragically coincides with two weeks of script kiddie attacks (which were scheduled to begin this past Sunday) aimed at disrupting the Republican national convention. In addition, many college students are back on campus this week, which provides the e-terrorists and i-subversives with a veritable candyland of insecure boxes on big pipes. Faced with this triple threat, our beloved Internet will surely fall.

The ISC would like to go out on a limb and predict that the Internet will not vaporize into a cloud of nothingness this Thursday, but if it does, it’s been our pleasure to help stave off its inevitable annihilation this long. ”

Update: Two more reports on the anticipated hack.

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