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I went off on a rant on this thread at MeFi….but it started to get really long, so I edited it there, and am posting it here:

At what point will you admit to yourself that you live in a police state? In four years Bush gone a long way toward making this the Soviet States of America. What happened to Democracy? – fleener

Actually…this trend towards authoritarianism goes well beyond Bush. As does the seemingly innate dichotomy deadlock in which the American political system seems to be mired.

I would venture to say that the Us vs. Them, Red vs. Blue state, “liberals as a bad word” vs. “hearth, God and country” could be directly traced to the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon’s exhortations to the public about it.

As an example, I give you one of the amazingly well programmed memetic messages ever propagated by a modern American president: The Appeal to the Silent Majority speech, “…for the more divided we are at home, the less likely the enemy is to negotiate…”.

In a single speech, Nixon was able to turn the country’s discontent and discordance about Vietnam into anger at the protestors and others who disagreed with his administration. “Those damn hippies and protestors are stopping us from ending the war.” Sheer. Unadulterated. Memetic. Genius. Evil…oh sure, I’ll grant you evil…but genius nonetheless.

The fallout, as the meme propagated, is the entrenchment of the “We vs. Them” ideal. And because each side is so insular and so antagonist to the opposing side, they become…for lack of a better word…inbred. They feed on themselves…chewing up, digesting, shitting and chewing up the same information and ideas and rote thought patterns until logic no longer plays a part in the process. They repeat the rote messages that they are given. They no longer think about the message.

And thus, when old ideas are recycled…but dangerously polluted with shit, the messengers will still put in on a silver platter and offer it up like a platonic delicacy rather than recognizing what it is; an recycled idea, polluted with shit, and dressed up for company.

The USA PATRIOT Act, is an example. Only those creatures insulated in their own polluted thought loops could possibly have voted for something that to the common man seems like an egregious invasion of privacy and a direct violation of the “feel” as it were of the US. And they voted for it without reading it. Because the message came through the appropriate digestive system, they obeyed their programming and voted for it.

As long as those parties have complete control over the political system…and as long as the political system is designed to destroy democracy in the name of the republic, then things will just get stranger and more polluted.

What we need is an intellectual revolution. We need new thought patterns, we need new memes, and we need new leaders. We need the abolishment of the existing political parties. They are sycophantic parasitic life forms and should be squished like ticks. It’s time to scrap the Electoral College. It serves no purpose in a culture where the vote tallies can be communicated quickly. One person, one vote…no quorums.

Financial benefits for being a congress critter should be severely curtailed. They should make minimum wage, not a penny more. See how long it takes before minimum wage is raised to a livable rate. No more salary-for-lifetime benefits after they leave. No more exemptions from federal law. No more special privileges. If someone wants to serve their country…bless their hearts…but it’s a service, not a privilege. Also, if Congress critters aren’t in Congress, doing their jobs when Congress is in session…send them home. 3 missed votes, and out you go. No other job in the country lets you wander in and out when you want, showing up periodically or never. Do the job, or go home. We could cut Congress time in half if those bastards would ever show up.

But the question becomes…how do those outside the thought-loop break the vise grip of power?

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