soap stuff

So, I started taking pictures of soaps, trying to pull marketing materials together so I can launch the site. I was trying to do it without building a light tent…but I’m not sure I can get away with it. I also need to polish up the soaps a bit before the actual pics. On the plus side, I figured out my tripod…so there’s that. Anyway, if you’re truly bored and want to see a few soap pictures…here they are. In order, they are lemongrass-grapefruit-lime, peppermint-basil, the PMS soap which is grapefruit-clary sage-ylang ylang-geranium and rosewood, and TeaDye – which is Lavender, patchouli and geranium in a green tea base. I’m just glad that I’m a much better soap maker and aromatherapist than I am a photographer. ;)

I also learned something today…and that is: No matter how many times you tell a toddler “NO!”, as soon as you’re not looking…they’ll do that very thing you told them not to do. I made the error of nipping off to the potty and left my office door open. Because I’m in the middle of restructuring where everything goes, I had a box of paints on the floor. Said paints are currently doing their Jackson Pollack impression on my carpet. Sigh. It’s astounding how much mess a toddler can make in under 60 seconds…it really is.

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