Monthly Archives: September 2004

The missing Redneck Riveria

Damn. The barrier islands are all but missing. We were supposed to head down there next weekend for a weeklong family reunion…but methinks that perhaps vacationing in a disaster area defeats the purpose of leaving home. I mean, if I want disaster…I’ve got disaster right here. It was a hella storm. I’m glad that as […]

Whoot! First paying customer! Whoot! (Also: needed – recommendations for online business cards)

I’ve just gotten back from shipping my first paid order. Whoo! Thanks ! Who da queen? You da queen! Speaking of soap, I now have a bunch of stuff ready to go…and more stuff in the pipeline. My newest addition to the line is Fire and Ice…Peppermint, Spearmint, and Cinnamon essential oils…white soap with the […]

Oh dear lord….

You know the one thing I really hate about google? That people like your mother use it to check up on you, find obscure things you wrote in bioethics journals years ago, and bitch about them. Today’s example; almost 4 years ago, when discussing transgender issues vs. women’s issues on the Feminist Approach to Bioethics […]


Chocolypse Now. “I love the smell of burnt cookies in the morning. Smells like… Tollhouse.”

I’m sure the Nobel committee knows where to find me…

I have made an important discovery. I have discovered the leading cause of alcoholism amongst curvaceous suburban housewives. And it is…shopping for clothes in a culture where clothes are all designed to fit 12 year old boys. I despise shopping with the sort of loathing that one generally reserves for cheating exs. I would rather […]