Oh happy day!

So, I was totally bummed because I thought I’d somehow deleted all the files for the site template that I’ve been working on. (It’s a boooteeeful site.) I looked and looked. I looked in backup CDs…I couldn’t find the damn things anywhere. Thought I was going to have to start from scratch and was an unhappy camper because of it.

Just a few minutes ago, when looking at a rar file that I didn’t think should be where it was, I found the files. Yay! Now, I don’t remember rar-ing them into an archive…I can’t imagine why I would, or what happened to the original files after I created the archive…but I don’t really care…because I have my files back…I don’t have to recreate them! Yay!

*does the geeky happy dance*

So, today was library day…and we get to the library and find out that it’s Fireman Day at story time…complete with real firemen. (Woof…what a fine looking bunch of specimens firemen are…my goodness…*fans self*…. It was hysterical when they all trooped in…the mommies all looked around at each other and you could practically hear the thought “ooooh! One for everyone! Hello Mr. Fireman…you need some help with that hose?”

Naughty Mommies. Naughty, Naughty. We obviously all need a spanking. And then…the oral sex.

(Oh come on, you didn’t think I would let a Monty Python opportunity like that go by untouched, didja?)

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