Oh, help me Jebuz

So, those of you who watched the Republican convention saw Bush, in his acceptance speech, declare that the country needed to be safe for gynecologists (WTF?). Now, he’d like to clear that up, and announced it’s too hard for OB/GYNs, and I quote here, “to share their love with women all over this country”.

MSNBC had a priceless response.

Speaking of this administration; US Army to Rebid Halliburton Contracts. “Pentagon auditors last month “strongly” urged the Army to withhold paying 15 percent of Halliburton’s bills in Iraq, saying the company had not provided enough details to support at least $1.82 billion out of $4.3 billion of logistical work.”

Now, keep in mind that the last time Halliburton was fined, they just stopped the food service to the troops in Iraq and made them scrounge for sandwiches. So, it should be interesting to see how they respond. As a bit of an indicator, Dave Lesar, CEO of Halliburton,said “I’m not sure we’re going to rebid if it’s hacked into too many pieces in Iraq. If we do choose to rebid, we’re going to jack the margins up significantly,”, whose comments to an analysts’ conference in New York were broadcast on the Internet.”

That guy must need a wheelbarrow to cart those balls around, no?

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