Pharmacology experts out there?

So, I suffered a fairly serious version of postpartum depression, and I was prescribed Wellbutrin for it. Fine, fine. I’m rather against psychotropic pharmacology…but I figured it was probably better than the other possible alternatives…especially since Texas Crazy Moms have had quite a run in the last couple of years.

In the beginning, I was really good about taking it all the time…but as the depression went away, I often go days without remembering to take one. Recently I had a week like that, where I just kinda forgot. There didn’t seem to be any side effects from just stopping…which was nice…but also makes it much easier to forget taking it.

But I figured the nice doctors know what they’re doing, so I’ve been pretty vigilant about taking them this week. And I’ve noticed something…my anger levels are insanely high when taking Wellbutrin. (I mean, granted, I’m a fairly angry person just by nature…born cranky, been that way ever since..) But I mean, even the littlest shit can set me off.

Now, the evidence is anectdotal, because I may just be PMSing…and my PMS mood swings can clear a room faster than Ghengis and the Horde showing up for cocktails. But I figure, on a list as big as mine, there’s bound to be a few people who have taken wellbutrin. If so, any experiences to share? Case studies you happen to have tucked away in a bookmark? I mean, I’m still going to make time to go see my doctors and see if they think that I can quit taking them…but I’d like to hear what other users of the drug have experienced.

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