Oh dear lord….

You know the one thing I really hate about google? That people like your mother use it to check up on you, find obscure things you wrote in bioethics journals years ago, and bitch about them. Today’s example; almost 4 years ago, when discussing transgender issues vs. women’s issues on the Feminist Approach to Bioethics list, I mentioned my lesbian sister…now, the girl I mentioned is not biologically related to me in any shape or form…but as many of us have done, we’ve created our own tribal family. In fact, my generation across the board seems to do that…we leave home early, we create or join a “tribe” and barring really unfortunate events, the tribe is generally still in existence 10, 20 years down the line. (Perhaps a little more scattered…but still, you know who you can call if there’s a problem.)

Anyway, my mother is upset because I used the word lesbian and sister in the same sentence. As though the biological sister she gave birth to is somehow tainted by the word. Just. Fucking. Grrr. Honestly, I swear sometimes the woman just makes up reasons to bitch at me.

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