The missing Redneck Riveria

Damn. The barrier islands are all but missing. We were supposed to head down there next weekend for a weeklong family reunion…but methinks that perhaps vacationing in a disaster area defeats the purpose of leaving home. I mean, if I want disaster…I’ve got disaster right here.

It was a hella storm. I’m glad that as few people died as have been reported, but jebuz onna stick, there’s thousands of people who have just been wiped out. Houses, cars, boats, pets…everything just gone. Astounding. I’m going to go through all my clothes and household items this weekend and make big red cross relief/rebuilding boxes.

(edit: removed the links…they did all link to the devastation in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach…but apparently Yahoo changed the urls or reuses them, or something…I dunno.) Here’s a link to the yahoo slideshow for Ivan.

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