Monthly Archives: October 2004

Oh dear…

It looks like rain, the forecast is 80% chance of thundershowers this evening…methinks that this Hallow’s Eve may not be Tommy’s chance to run through the streets as a rampaging Tiger of Doom. Since I have friends coming over with their toddlers, I think I should go do a quick-clean of the house, see what […]

Lunar Eclipse tonight!

Thanks to for reminding me! Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight. Yay! I think I’m going to take the tripod and cameras outside and see if I can get some good shots of it. We have just enough high wispy clouds to frame a really good shot if the weather holds for another 6 hours…which in […]

Poor confused republicans, sending their evil plans to a satire site….

From MetaFilter: God help us if the Democrats find out. After Cheney’s .com/.org mixup, Republican domain name confusion continues as Bush campaign staffers accidentally send email–including lists of voters that may be used to challenge voters–to addresses at instead of In a non-political note, I would just like to say that it’s become […]

Spam Sillyness

So, what is with the sudden influx of Rolex spam? I mean, it’s better than the porn spam, I’ll give you that…but what market demographics could be driving 50+ messages a day for fake watches? Best name of this morning’s Rolex-lite purveyors? Overt Twit.

Enjoy the Draft

Enjoy The Draft