Big Brother…coming to a supermarket near you

National IDs for everybody? By Declan McCullagh

Rep. David Dreier wants to force all Americans to carry a national ID card around with them. The California Republican is not about to describe his new bill in those terms, but that’s the reality.

Dreier’s legislation would prohibit employers from hiring people unless the job applicants first obtain new federal ID cards with their photograph, Social Security number and an “encrypted electronic strip” with additional information. Any employer who fails to comply faces hefty fines and prison terms of up to five years.

Dreier is smart enough to realize that these federal IDs would be immediately forged, so he takes the next step of linking them to an
employment eligibility database that’s queried by card readers whenever the ID is swiped. The employment database is required to include “all such data maintained by the Department of Homeland Security,” combined with what the Social Security Administration has on file.

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Every day, I get closer to leaving the country and going somewhere civilized…like Borneo. You think the No Fly Rule is fun…wait until you can’t buy groceries, or get a credit card, or have a bank account because some tired data entry clerk in India transposed one number in your SS#, or you happen to have the same name as someone on the “Must Be Terrists” lists…or gods forbid, you’re a known opponent of the current regime.

The men and women who have laid down their lives in defense of the dream that was America must be spinning in their graves. Can you imagine telling any WWII vet that he *had* to have a National ID that tracked him from cradle to grave? Good lord, I’d like to think there would have been revolution in the streets. Our generation? We’ll suck it up, lick the shit stained spoon it was served on, and ask for seconds…as long as they don’t interrupt Surviving American Idol Comedy Take in the Nuts Hour.

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