Poor confused republicans, sending their evil plans to a satire site….

From MetaFilter: God help us if the Democrats find out. After Cheney’s .com/.org mixup, Republican domain name confusion continues as Bush campaign staffers accidentally send email–including lists of voters that may be used to challenge voters–to addresses at georgewbush.org instead of georgewbush.com

In a non-political note, I would just like to say that it’s become apparent that my husband would like to be alone. A lot. How do I know this you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. He got me Evil Genius as an early birthday present. Yes, Evil Genius. Which I have loaded onto my machine. Which is even now, calling me…tempting me, making me want to launch the game and ignore the sheer volume of inventory I need to create since I signed on for another show the week after the first one I’m doing. The game is so addictive that I skipped Gilmore Girls last night. I never miss GG. I missed a special on the politics of Dr. Suess which I’d wanted to see for weeks.

On the plus side, fear me and my Evil Plans of Doom! Mwhahahahahahahahahahaha!

Now, I’m going to go make soap, no matter how much I want to build pirahana tanks into which I can dunk nosy special agents.

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