Monthly Archives: November 2004

mmmmm….roasted flesh and mashed roots….

It’s Turkey Day at Casa Chaos today. (My people, we run late…) It’s a fairly small event, considering the Turkey Days of Yore when we’d stuff 30+ people in here. I’m waiting for the dishwasher to finish, so I can take a shower and get started on the cooking. I hope everyone’s holidays (for those […]


Ganked from takhisis: When Timmy prays and Jesus answers, it’s a good thing dad has a chainsaw in the basement… Or, perhaps you’re feeling a tad erudite? Perhaps a quick read of Britney Spears on semiconductor fabrication? Have you ever wanted to make one of those neat mosaic pictures that are made up of hundreds […]

And then…the world exploded

Not with a wimper, but with a bang, the WoW beta ended a few minutes ago. Everyone knew the end was coming, so there were a couple of massive, massive raids from one side to the other. Then there were huge pyrotechnic, demon filled, panther enhanced duels going on everywhere. Metors were falling from the […]


Fear me and my l33t selling skills. I’m wandering through Home Depot to pick up buckets to store various chemicals, and I get into a conversation with one of the workers…whom I then sell a massive gift basket to be delivered tomorrow. In one sale, I doubled what I sold at the show last week. […]

t3h FuNNy

Wicked Wish has posted the results of her “telly me teh funny” post. Some I’ve seen, some I’ve not. I laughed, I cried, I felt like it was a good use of 5 minutes. Go, laugh, it’s good for you.