Tin Foil Hats Ready? Engage…

Dig this, google’s image search blocks Abu Girab pictures. See Google results vs. Alta Vista and Yahoo results.

“Well”, you might think, “that’s sort of odd, let’s run some other queries.” Ok, so let’s try that: “iraqi torture”, iraq dogleash,iraq prison.

Nada. Hmmmm. So, before I break out the tin-foil hat…anyone have a plausible theory as to why this information disappeared from google’s engines?

Google employee and Slashdot editor Chris DiBona passes on a message from Sergey: In short, There is no censorship here. We are embarassed that our image index is not updated as frequently as it should be. Expect a refresh in the near future. Chris adds: “Please don’t ascribe some dating issues on images to some political motive, we take this kind of stuff very seriously. We have to comply with the law, but there is no law yet on the books requiring that companies in the United States take down pictures that might be embarassing to the current administration.”

Slashdot members call bullshit.

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