Toddler Eye for the Magnet Guy

So, I have one of the ‘fridge magnet Davids. (You know, David) Well, David comes with all kinds of clothes and shoes and whatnot…many of which have been lost to the vortex under the fridge. But enough remain that when I scooted David down to Boy’s eye level, he has great fun dressing and undressing David while I’m working in the kitchen. (Yay!)

But poor David, he’s developed an interesting sense of fashion. Today, David is wearing an Indian Chief feathered headdress, a white t-shirt, a flannel shirt like a toga, one sneaker and one cowbow boot, one roping glove…and no pants. When I asked about no pants, Tommy said “Penis!” And I asked if penises should go around uncovered and he said, with great seriousness, “Yes, yes, YES!” and proceeded to try and take off his pants.

My boy, founder of the Penis Liberation Front.

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