Vampires get no cookies this week

So, this afternoon, the Boy asked me to make chocolate chip cookies. And he wanted to help. And so down to the kitchen we tromped, put on our aprons, washed our hands, pulled out the ingredients, (always have the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies on hand…you never know when there will be a cookie emergency), pulled out the KitchenAide of Doom, and made cookies.

So, I’ve got the baker’s sheets on the island in the middle of the kitchen and I’m dropping cookies onto the them, and he’s helping…in his own way, which mostly involves quality control…testing the dough, testing the chips, playing in the sugar, etc. And I notice he’s picked up a clove of garlic and he’s skinning it. And I say, “Sweetie, put that down please.” and he says “OK” and I turned around to rearrange the shelves in the oven, then back to him, picked up cookie sheet, put it in oven, set timer, turn back to him and realize that I don’t see the garlic clove anywhere.

So, I say, “Sweetie, where’s the garlic?” And with a Vegas flourish that would have made Elvis proud, he waved at the sheet of cookies with both hands and said “Ah Ha!”

“Ah Ha?” I said. “What is this Ah Ha of which you speak? Where’s the garlic?” And he pointed at the cookies and said “Guess!” got off his stool and wandered away.

What can you do? A cursory inspection didn’t reveal any garlic, so I laughed and baked that sheet of cookies. I just hope no vampires come over for cookies, for it is my belief that there may very well be a garlic cookie hidden amongst the rest…

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