And then…the world exploded

Not with a wimper, but with a bang, the WoW beta ended a few minutes ago. Everyone knew the end was coming, so there were a couple of massive, massive raids from one side to the other. Then there were huge pyrotechnic, demon filled, panther enhanced duels going on everywhere. Metors were falling from the sky and turning into lava men, the guards and npcs were transformed into chickens, and then the firebolts and lightning ice shards started falling from the sky.

So, people did what people do when that sort of thing happens; they stripped naked, drank heavily and danced around the fire until the world ended. As one of the drunken, naked, fire dancing priestess of doom, I’d have to say it was a good “last call”.

The Man and I are both just drumming our fingers waiting for Tuesday when the retail version hits the stores. ;)

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