I think that god has got a sick sense of humor

So, my friend Fish has gone through all these really amazing life affirming, radical changes in his reality. He lost hundreds of pounds, he fell in love, he married, he started a successful business, he was building a new house for his bride…things were so great for him.

I found out a few hours ago that he died this afternoon. Just like that, he’s gone. I don’t really know about, nor are the details important to me. What matters to me is that a good man, leading a good life, was snuffed out like a candle, while evil stalks the planet getting fat and happy. It isn’t fair, it isn’t right, and if there is a cosmic muffin overlord, I am having words with it later.

I hope that this entry isn’t a news flash to anyone who knew Fish. I didn’t want to post anything in my journal until I’d called some people, and made sure that other people were on call lists, because I wanted people to hear it from other people rather than just reading it somewhere. That said, as I find out about funeral and wake arrangements, I’ll post them here as a sort of central clearinghouse information point.

Bye Fish, we’ll miss you.

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