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New anatidaephobia up

The Five Stages of Writer’s Block. (With apologies to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross) In other news, the Man got a groovy new gig (yay!), but it means he’s away from the house for most of the Boy’s waking hours (boo). Which sucks for him, the boy and my time management abilities. I haven’t figured out how […]

Bits and pieces

The boy is such a scream…I swear, I’ve never been so entertained in my whole life as I have been lately. We’ve gotten into hide and seek, not just with him, but with any number of objects…and then the clarion call of “Are you? Are you?” can be heard as he searches for something he […]

In case you’re bored

The latest Anatidaephobia is up: CyberNookie and the Boys who Sell It It’s an amusing expose of organized prostitution in online games. In other news, I’ve just been slammed lately. I’ve been reading everyone’s journals, but haven’t really had much time to comment. I dunno if it’s just the ennui of the season, or what…but […]

Things stuck in the web

Giving money to the tsunami relief are ya? Feeling good that you’re aiding people? Guess who gets aid, and who doesn’t. Members of India’s lowest caste, the untouchables, are now finding that they’re unaidable, as well. Don’t you feel better about spending our tax dollars and private contributions now? Do you feel like you’re not […]

New Anatidaephobia:

New article up: Game Widows: How to get that Paladin off his mount, and into the saddle