Shades of Handmaiden’s Tale

Dig this; Woman gets beaten by her husband. She files charges, and files for divorce. He goes to prison. She goes on with her life, finds another guy, she gets pregnant, and the divorce is finalized. The judge, upon finding out that she’s pregnant, recinds the divorce, saying that it’s in the best interest of the fetus that she not be unmarried.

WTF? She was getting ready to marry the father of the child, but now she can’t because suddenly, she’s legally married again…to a guy who beat her up…because some podunk redneck judge decided that “family values” trump common sense.

So, all you women who railed against the ERA and subsequent legislation as being “un-ladylike”, and voted for the bastards who would rather see us pregnant, beaten and barefoot…I hope you’re happy. Because it’s your daughters who will pay the price. Welcome to the handmaiden’s tale, my pretties.

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