Surreal Grocery Store Story

So, I’m in the grocery store, in the dairy section. Stocking the dairy section is this kid, who is totally the type I would have dated during my “bad-boy” phase of many moons ago. Tall, dark, broodingly byronesque, tricked out in black and piercings…very gothy punk. Anyway, gothling is standing between me and the organic yogurt. As I reach around him to get said yogurt, I realize (embarassingly) that I’m humming along to the Muzac…when it hits me that the Muzac is Depeche Mode. And I exclaimed, “Oh. My. God. That’s Depeche Mode!” (Well, really…I was shocked.) The response from this kid was, and I quote “Who is Depeche Mode?”

I wanted to weep. I now understand how my parents felt when kids didn’t know who the Beatles were. *sigh*

Could be worse, I suppose. He could have called me Ma’am.

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