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Giving money to the tsunami relief are ya? Feeling good that you’re aiding people? Guess who gets aid, and who doesn’t. Members of India’s lowest caste, the untouchables, are now finding that they’re unaidable, as well. Don’t you feel better about spending our tax dollars and private contributions now?

Do you feel like you’re not quite up-to-date on the subject of polygamy? Not quite sure what a “poofer” is? Well, have no fear. The Office of the Utah Attorney General has produced “The Primer”, which you can peruse online in its entirety here [PDF].

Looking for ohibitutic and purspermal words, but need something a little more rhymmeal? Cromulac might just be the tingulen you’re spranning for.

Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day. From the ’30’s through modern times, villains really like tying people up. See also; Bondage and Torture Covers from the CGC Message Boards.

While on the topic of Golden Age, I give you Vintage Technology. Dig the Bricabrac section.

Virginia woman, don’t have a miscarriage without reporting it to the authorities…or you could see some jail time. Absurd? John Cosgrove, Delegate for the 78th district of Virginia has introduced a bill to criminalize not reporting a miscarriage to the police within 12 hours.

Exxonsecrets – “How Exxonmobil Funds The Climate Change Skeptics” – a Flash-based tool (there are HTML-based fact-sheets available as well) to track the players, money, and Exxon’s influence in various environmental issues. Designed for Greenpeace by Josh On (of Futurefarmers and TheyRule) and artist Amy Balkin…and via Doors of Perception.

And to end on a silly note: PotterPotterPotterWeasleyWeasley. (Help, a Snape…ooooh a Snape.) This is probably only funny to those familiar with BadgerBadger… and of course, Harry Potter.

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