Bits and pieces

The boy is such a scream…I swear, I’ve never been so entertained in my whole life as I have been lately. We’ve gotten into hide and seek, not just with him, but with any number of objects…and then the clarion call of “Are you? Are you?” can be heard as he searches for something he just hid. Also, pirates have become a huge deal around the house. We got him this big pirate ship complete with 10 pirates, and masts, and sails and cannons and zillions of other bits that are now scattered under furniture everywhere. He loves the pirates. He’ll sit over there with his ship and “yo ho ho!” for easily 15-20 minutes at a time. He’s got all these great story lines going that he’ll tell you about. His stuffed animals have been known to stage midnight raids on the ship, the lifeboat was put in use during a mutiny, and at the moment, the Little People farmer girl has taken control of the ship and has thrown the pirates in the hold and installed Cthulhu as the ship mascot. Yep, he’s my kid alright. ;)

Puzzles have become another big hit. I bought one, even though it said that it was for much older kids, but he and I have taken it apart and put it together at least twice a day. He loves figuring it out. And it’s so cool to watch him learn pattern recognition. He’s also starting to do some basic addition. He’ll have x number of something, and I’ll ask him how many he has, and then give him one more, and ask him how much X+1 is, and he’s been able to tell me without needing to count them again…so that’s pretty cool.

I guess I’m just astounded by how much kids are capable of learning at such an early age. Having never really spent any time with children, I just had no idea how clever they were. :)

We’re still haivng trouble with him and the critters. I just can’t seem to get the lesson through that he shouldn’t chase/scream/terrorize the critters. The cats are pretty good at finding portals and disappearing, but the dog is a big ol’ dog, with sharp pointy fangs and while she’s never bitten anyone, I’m afraid that it could happen if the boy continues to not understand the concept of “soft and gentle”.

Also, because I know a lot of my friends have kids older than the Boy…what resources did you find helpful when it came time to potty train? I’m just not having any luck.

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