New anatidaephobia up

The Five Stages of Writer’s Block. (With apologies to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross)

In other news, the Man got a groovy new gig (yay!), but it means he’s away from the house for most of the Boy’s waking hours (boo). Which sucks for him, the boy and my time management abilities. ;) I haven’t figured out how I’m going to fit it all in…but where there’s a will, etc. ;)

I’m starting to feel a little disconnected, because I almost never seem to have time to do “me” stuff…if that makes sense. Pretty much if I’m awake, I’m doing boy stuff, or house stuff, or house stuff because the boy destroyed stuff, I’m having trouble fitting in soap stuff and writing stuff…much less reading stuff and maintaining human contact with people who speak in complete sentences. You know, I know other people do it, I’ve seen them do it…I just don’t haven’t quite figured out the pattern for keeping that many balls in the air at once.

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