Monthly Archives: February 2005

How to properly ship a brain

See, if only I had known…Winifred wouldn’t have disappeared into the wine cellars…

I have the cutest friends!

Ok, so I usually don’t fall for the meme things, but the friends collage is just too cute. I can see all of you at once. And I love how “Oh Fuck” ended up as the centerpiece…that’s just too priceless. ~spiderfarmer~ LJ friendsCollage. Brought to you by and .

It never rains, but it pours…

So, the boy has the stomach flu (he’s feeling a little better today…yay!). Then a series of things started going wrong in the house. Expensive things. Big things. Things where I may have to wait days and days to get a repairman…which is really bad when one of those things is the fridge. Seriously, yesterday, […]


So, I just finished “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”. I didn’t have high hopes, assuming it would be a fiction equivalent of the Chicken Soup for the X series of books. So not true. This is a really brilliant little book. It’s a quick read, just a couple hundred pages, but it’s just […]

While life and art collide

So, I’m clearing out storage space by going through and getting rid of more clothes. Yes, this is round three, and yes…I still have 3 dressers and 2 closets worth of clothes I haven’t worn since a democrat was in power. So anyway, I thought I’d start by getting rid of all the club clothes…because […]