Monthly Archives: March 2005

California to Fat Guys: Please, just don’t breed…and are honeybees facing extinction?

Seriously. Beginning last November, the city of San Francisco began a program whereupon clinically obese men between the ages of 18 and 55 could undergo a procedure whereupon approximately 1/2 an inch is removed from each vas and the ends are sealed – commonly referred to as a vasectomy – completely free of charge. The […]

.us domains no longer privacy protected

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (“NTIA”) (, the telecommunications and Internet arm of the Department of Commerce, has disallowed private registrations for .US domain names.This decision was made without a hearing or an opportunity for a response by those affected — in fact; there was no due process of any kind. What this means, […]

Easter colors, egg finding, and chocolate covered pagans

Heee! This was the first year he was old enough for us to color eggs…and him, and the high chair, and me, and probably a few animals that passed in the general area. (Note: paintbrushes, 6-oz cups of dye, and a two-year old – may NOT be the best of all possible combinations.) Because it’s […]


I just made it up the stairs without a cane for the first time in over a week. Of course, once I got up here, I realized that getting down the stairs without one might be the tiniest bit tricky…

Hypocrites! Liars! Frauds and Bastards!

See this baby? George Bush, when governor of Texas, signed a law that would let hospitals pull the plugs on anyone who didn’t have insurance or a trust fund. This week, while the Republicans were masturbating all over themselves at a chance to slaver over the liquefied brain of Terri Schaivo, not one…NOT ONE of […]